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CHILD - to see the dream is a good sign: if it's healthy or played waiting for you many joys and successes. If he is sick or dead or crying, your worries and problems lie ahead. If you watch him sleep in your House will King understanding and zadružie. If watching their children sleep, prepare for advancement and rapid career. If you have kids you will have success in your work. If you dream that you're among the many children will get an unexpected gift, help show up suddenly or another pleasant surprise. If sleepwalking carry a child on your hands, you will hear the eulogies and prayers in your address. If you dream that your child, you got lucky and a runaway success. If you see an abandoned child and help him with something, you will enjoy true friends.
If dreaming child — you will receive great care in his family; if you have a lot and play – and unforeseen misery for you and your home; if they are large and healthy — predicts a nice dating; if you are sick – trouble; if lying is lap — predicts happiness; if you wear it in your hands – you'll hear pleasant news; if it is in the hands of the man – you will be born a boy; if you are — you will get success in your endeavor; if you speak with them — will get help; if are poor — will get the care and concerns; If you are foreign – will spend a great day; If you keep it you mother-baby girl; If you submit to someone – joy; If surround you – you will get rich; If you play around you – trouble; If you beat them — love.

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