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GRANNY - If you see in your dream, take the proposed help or advice from friends to finish the job started. If it is a cheerful and Merry, soon you will meet new friends. If it is sad or senile, someone you know will benefit unfairly from you. If unknown, follow the commitments, and if it is your own grandmother, wait the joyful news. Yourself if you like Grandma, will know someone's secret.
If dreaming Granny — will get good advice; if you like Grandma – will secret concerning you; if you dream the funeral and – a new man in the House; if your family joy; if your grandmother and grandfather are together, You will earn money; if it's like a midwife — will you amend a good friend; if you speak – scandal; if you are many — unexpected events; Grandma and Grandpa if You talk in your sleep – you will receive heritage; if fighting — unforeseen income you will receive.

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