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WOMAN - to dream is a sign of uncertain change. If it is a blonde, will commit to sladostrastiâ. If you're a brunette, adventure and to deepen. Redhead wife in sleep will make you jealous out and Brown If dreaming woman – you will get news related to your success; if it is a blonde-haired — you'll get tenderness in Your intimate relationships; if it's dark-haired — will be kept strictly to you, probably deserved; if it is beautiful – pleasure; if it's ugly — small trouble; if you have good hair – cash if it's vain success; – beware of lies; if is bad — activities will be successful; if it is a high-build bad plansthat will never be implemented; If it is low — will you talk; If you are very – torture of boredom; If it's a brunette — happens to you a sincere and long love; If naked — will deal with trade; If it is unknown — will meet a nice woman; If you know her — care; If it was a white shirt — a misfortune; If it's a beard – you will be surprised; If Brown – will suffer from jealousy; If it is red – happens to you fickle love; If you are getting on with it — will die man; If dies — will be split with a friend; If a foreigner — disease; If young — will happen good things; If you speak with her — will perform a nonsense; If it is old — dissension or scandal; If the fighting women – your friends will take away valuable time for you.

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