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YOUR KNEES - If you dream you have too large or deformed knees, so luck will abandon you. To see the wounds on her knees, it's a bad sign: you will suffer losses and failures. If you are shaking knees, so you're going to get into a bad deal that can take you to jail. If you're kneeling, they will cheat or play. Else if kneeling, so will suffer losses because of the generosity or your leniency. If you kneel for prayer, someone will express gratitude.
knee is the symbol of the rabotlivostta and of human activity. If you dream that you are hurt or another is hurt in your knees – will do, as long as you wish, as it will prevent immoral people; if you dream about a man with a cut or dry knees – soon will be unemployed, from which it follows that will reduce costs; if you dream of healthy knees — soon you will become rich; if a woman has this dream will take care of its family; If your pain — disease; If you have fallen on its knees – prosperity and humility; If you see people fall down on your knees – perhaps you will be the object of slander; If you fall on your knees in front of a woman — are in danger of infidelity; If it is ahead of man — could have a disagreement with someone; If you dream that you are swollen and Red – grief, losses and failures; If you get on your knees, you will experience a great disgrace.

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