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HOUSE - great and nice if you're dreaming, you will start a new, more If you dream house — when we dream, we dream house themselves and everything that is happening, you should spend it — as we see it, this is the image of our subconscious; if you're in the new House — will overtake a severe illness; if you buy it — material acquisition, if pure — will get a babywait great joy; If healthy and nice – happens to you health and long life; If well managed, wealth and honour; If a curve — it is possible to lose your job; If it is arranged – well-being; If you build it – thankfully the work; If you repair or towels — sorrow; If the forest you will find shelter in foreign people; If you cover it – happy family life; If you hire her — will recognize the right of someone else if you rent — will build or buy your own House, if the village or Villa – win; If it is broken or falls to argue with neighbors; If it is old – you're pretty careless; If you pull down the old house — the death of a relative; mess with the Church or monastery — will get a profit; If it is destroyed — material losses; If the forests — women in you don't understand and you'll still be fighting or in your home will get a person with bad character; If you burn a lot of houses – you will get sick.

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