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BED - If you see in your dreams, you will crave for sexual experiences. If it's clear and fixed, will communicate with normal people or will invest in lucrative business. If it's messy, they reproach and infidelity. Dirty bed is a sign of disease, and izt″rbušeno If dreaming bed – long family life; if is empty — someone you will determine a date; if you lie on it – threatening danger You; if another lying on him – this hazard that lies; if Your father – envy; if Your wife — a family Brawl; magnificently bed — recent wedding; if you're lying on him with a woman – you will achieve your goalIf you are with your wife or husband well-being; If you meet with a bedsheet — would you happen something nice; If it is messy – you will avoid death; If the sheets are dirty — marital unhappiness; If you ventilate or tupate – ls well-being; If it is broken — it will happen to you a happy family life; If the forests — predicts the losses; If you burn your feet on the bed – according to Euripides that is a good sign for small children.

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