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GIRL - familiar if you see in your dreams, they're waiting for you family joys. If it's unfamiliar, you will find my happiness away from home. Gizdavo, not allowed, beautiful girl is a sign of success in your endeavor. If you kiss a strange girl, fortune will smile upon you. If you dream about a girl at home, will acquire wealth. Many girls are a sign of false happiness or misspent fortune.
If you dream girl — will give you the necessary freedom; hugging him – wealth with hope; if nagizdeno – joy, happiness and gladness; if you catch him in hand – dignity; if they are many – wealth; if you buy it — profit; if married his daughter — they're flirtations; if it is beautiful – be careful and vigilant; if is a young — not tell your dream; if you kiss, will hurt you; if you cry – will you courting.

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