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CAPE - If you're dreaming, they're waiting for you surprises in the job. If you have a big nose, you will enjoy a promotion, an extra reward or praise in his work. If your nose is small or absent, you won't achieve your desires. If you scratch your nose, hold on heritage or prepare for problems and scandals. If you're going to feel nose wiping annoyances. If you bleed from the nose, you are losing property or similar person. Handkerchief in a dream is a sign of family or intimate issues.
If dreaming the nose — will help honor; if is large – profit; if it is small – don't despair; if grubby – family trouble; if you wipe it will get rid of bores; if it's yours – if you're without loss; the Cape — will try to hurt you; if you are two — wrangles; if it's ugly — prosperity.

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