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BOUQUET - that they give you, if you're dreaming, you have an appointment. If it is from a variety of flowers, portends that your life will often change their joy and grief. If you pick a bouquet, you will enjoy their own successes. If you step on a bouquet in his sleep, wait for the scolding of an important personage.
If you dream that you are a bouquet – you will get a small minor joys; if you present it in a colorful bouquet – you will win money; if it is from violets – you will get mutual love; if it's of Roses — will soon marry; if you do it — you'll learn very pleasant news; if you have a pleasant and very-circle of friends; if sear – coldness between your husband and you; if you throw – in vain will squander your money; if present – will get a date with flattering person; if it's from miscellaneous flowers and you hold it in your hand – you will love unexpectedly.

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