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HEART - to see in a dream, is a good sign: will they love and appreciate. If your heart is pounding, they will cheat or you will have false friends. If you see the bloody heart, someone will offend you or will they press play with a cruel truth. If you eat the heart, you'll get rich. Pain or heaviness in the heart in a dream are alert for the disease or anxieties. Cold heart means passionate love. If you get a heart attack in his sleep, many would be glad of any news or you will have a long and happy life.
If dreaming heart — as the Sun is about the sky, and the heart is for the man, if you feel pain in it — predicts the dangerous disease, according to the degree of pain s″nuvanata; if you don't have it or you lose it – won't live long or you will find yourself in the hands of your enemies; if it is older and harder – long life, but also that it will deny your friends; if a woman dreamsthat it is injured or suffering, evil, which predicts the dream threatens her husband; If she's not married – evil will befall her parents, if bloody — you will insult; If beating – you have plenty of false friends; If it's cold – you will love if you eat it – you have a good friend.

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