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GRASS - If you see in your dreams, you are joy and health. If it is young and green, you have family happiness. If it is cut, dried or trampled to death, something we darkened your happiness away successes. If sitting or lying on the green grass, will be courted and loved. If you walk barefoot on the wet grass, you will lose something valuable If dreaming green grass — predicts successful day; if it is burnt by the Sun or reclining by rain — better not do anything, you won't get it — you're breaking; if the joy; if it's lush, you will enjoy the location of the opposite sex; if it's poisonous — will receive a loss; if it is wet – if you're looking for her sadness; — will receive a new heritage; if you eat it – you're going to live a long life; if it will be upset Varro; if sit on it – you've forked.

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