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CUP - glass do you dream, your happiness is fragile and not sustainable. If it's wine, we commit to banquets and revels, if rakiena is a sign of good health and gnarly character, if it is for tea or coffee, promises a friendly gathering, and tumbler means disease. If in your dreams you break a glass, you will get sick, and if it is porcelain, will fight with someone. If you wash the cups, wait for guests. If you buy cups, will hear the good news. Gold or Silver Cup in a dream is a prediction for prosperity, promotion in the Office, the increase of the property or of the members of your family.
If you dream you're too wasteful Cup-; if is white — break her happiness;-your happiness will be even greater; if you give her — will attend the wedding party; if it is with wine — exhilaration; if it is full of water — will soon be born child; if it is empty — will get sick you know; if you keep her — time; if you wash your glasses — will welcome guests; if it is gold – beware of alcohol, if silver – great care.

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