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EGG (see ALBUM, Easter egg, nest, EGG YOLK, INCUBATION) if you dream :: Dream Book

EGG (SEE ALBUM, EASTER EGG, NEST, EGG YOLK, INCUBATION) - do you eat in your sleep, you will profit. If you buy eggs, will significantly rise in work or improve their situation. If you sell them, waiting for new acquisitions. If you or give you an egg, you're going to find that someone is in love with you. If muddy the eggs, you will be in vain. If you dream of a hen to lay an egg, you're going to hear some good news. If you wear a healthy egg, you're going to have a passionate affair, but if they are broken, you will have problems on the love front, or the relationship will bring unpleasant consequences. If you see the eggs in the nest, surprisingly winning the money (from the lottery, gambling, inheritance). If you're cooking a dish with eggs, a person of the opposite sex will be of special interest to you. If you see how to hatch chicks from eggs, the joys and the love in your family will be counted. If in your dreams you break an egg, you're going to have controversy, if you break a lot of eggs

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