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BEARD - If you dream that your beard is wet – you will get long life; If it is thick – profit; If the debt – you will get soon honor and power; If it's shaved, prosperity, joy, good profit; If it is all — will earn money; If it is black and beautiful — will get a lot of costs; If it is white — will become the object of attention; If it is rare — will ohulât; If the forests – a complete loss; If it falls out of your face-you will be nask″rbite; If your face is covered with a beard — people still revile your address; If a woman with a beard — will get expected from you; If it is an old man with a beard — have a good Advisor; If it is very long – your attitude like surrounding, etc so I will spolučite; If a girl dreamed a beard — will marry according to imagine; If married, your spouse may die or get a divorce with him; If I was pregnant and had a beard – baby boy; If you are deprived of it — it predicts a loss of family, honor, and property; If it's grown more than normal — will get new wealth; If you paint it — a great success; If I'm — change and your family life.

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