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DOOR - If in your dreams you see the door of your House, you will have good fortune. If burning with flames, someone in the family will die. If it is locked and you can't go in, we will fight with someone at home. If it is unlocked or wide open, your family will easily win the money. If you dream that you crashing door to get in, you're going to have serious problems with relatives or influential individuals. If in your dreams you see otkrehva door and closes, so will they bring family feud or intrigue.
If dreaming door — will succeed in your endeavors, especially in love; if it is closed — will overcome some obstacles, but it should not be the woods with it; if it's locked – it is possible to lose your profit; if it's your own door-obstruction of your work; if the forests — death; if you sleep in front of the church door – will be calm; if you open it, you will avoid an insult; if it is broken – meeting with a friend.

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