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BREAST - If you dream dream foretells happiness tit-, wedding and a happy love; If there are many – this means that you can have a child; If it is hurt — the care; If a woman without breasts — dissension; If it is cut off – fraud; If you are female — happiness and love; If you are hairy — it will happen to you health and long life; If they suck kid — you'll receive happiness in marriage; If a guy is injured in them — lasting happiness; If a man has female breasts — will get poorer; If you are small — you will stay alone; If you are injured in the chest — a profit; If they are yours and are broad – care; If you are close to your enemies prepare number; If they are dried up and soft — damage, you have problems with the children, and if you don't have children, you will be unhappy; If you are muscular — this is a very bad dream; If you are a child-sized material problems in your family.

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