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HORSE - If you dream of a horse — the memo; If the horse or horses run freely – Your work will not be in vain; If you hold it for a bit — run your dreams for a good business; If the horse is loaded — will happen an awful working conditions; If he's dead — complex life; If it is a share — a heady success in the financial operations in the Office; If it is red – glory or honor; If it is gray-white – happens to you family fun; If it is black — will experience dark days; If Brown — will get a permanent job; If you buy – wealth and new baby; If it is saddled — expect guests from afar; If you encircle — will get in trouble with his colleagues; If you ride – and rest assured, your work will finish with a good end; If you nail it — won't make your desire to travel, but this is good; If you pass — you'll get a great honor; If you run past you — loss; If you are harnessed to mock; If you throw a rider – big trouble with a man; If cvilât – love the explanation you will hear; If run, will get rid of a viable person; horse hair – be careful, you are in danger; horse hoof – will go to the distant and happy journey; If grooming – beware of the people with whom you met soon.

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