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HAIR - If you dream of a thick and beautiful hair – waiting for you great wealth and honors; If it is a rare and poorly maintained — come into trouble; If you choose – you will something good happens; If it is too long — for men — fear and laziness and will be ripped off by a woman; for woman – care and trouble; If strižete it – you will be able to get rid of care and trouble; If somebody cuts your hair – will take you the strength and the will to seriously zaboleete; If you see with white hair — it offers great honors and recognition of your professional qualities; If it is black – love WINS; If you have blond-unfaithful friend; If you dye your hair yourself — don't have to lie to your friends, you might soon; If someone else Paint Your hair – be careful, someone's lying to you; If it is cropped — loss; If it is up, worry and sadness and, in many cases — and natâkvaniâ disputes; If knitting a foreign hair – will receive an obligation; If it is soft — will experience hatred; If you wrap — can become a laughingstock in society; If fashion – time will teach you what is good for you; If it is on your body – long will negotiate for a little something to achieve it; If your hair is wet – hatred from a relative; If you do it with something – big fame and family fun; If the forests — will multiply your property; If it is stirred — a great shame for you; If you are — you will be exposed; If it's shaved, you will lose a large part of the property or will get sick, and maybe your life to be in danger due to carelessness; If you are rare — the grief and poverty; If you strip your hair – worry and loss of property; If you dream of a woman without hair-starved; If a bald man – wealth in the family; If a person has a long and beautiful hair – will become dangerous for his friends; If he is white — its cash capital will decrease; If it is longer and black — an unexpected news; If they cut him or strip your hair — his supporters will decrease.

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