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WARDROBE - If you own in a dream wardrobe is a signal not to spend money because you or others will benefit. If you close or bursting with clothes closet, so the odds are on your side in the negotiations, transactions, consultations and talks. If you see the open or empty wardrobe, beware of thieves or of rogue contributors. If you buy in a dream or moving a wardrobe, you will learn some secret or kuloarna gossip. If you dream that you pull the clothes out of the closet, will you show generosity, if you come into it, you'll be disappointed in someone or something.
If dreaming wardrobe — an omen for a dispute which can hurt you, so do your best to avoid it; if it is full, your well-being is the spouses – endangered; if it is empty, you will get success in gambling; if you buy it — you are quite wasteful.

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