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GRAVE - see sleepwalking, so oblivion. If your grave, you will have a long, quiet and peaceful life. If sleepwalking digging a grave, are they waiting for serious difficulties in the work. If you see other to dig a grave, you will learn about the death of a loved one or relative. If you're dreaming, that lie in the grave, would soon marry, and if you're family, you're going to lose a friend. If you dream you're going to go on forever to achieve a difficult goal. If you dream you see covered grave, you will find the lost and found, and if it is found, you will receive news from the remote person. If sleepwalking carry flowers on a grave, will return a relative or friend. If you see the grave, covered with flowers, you will work in a marriage. If in your dreams you see fresh grave, so somebody will break his word, will break his promise. If the grave is old and derelict, protect your heart. If you dream that you fall into a grave, I will naklevetât harm you deceitful people. If sleepwalking down in the grave, you will lose friends.
If you see the open grave, will invite you to an event; if you receive your grave — disease waiting; if you lie in the grave — soon will fulfill your greatest desire; if you do it – means marriage, wedding and birth of children; if it's dilapidated, disease, and destruction of s″nuvaliâ and his family; if it is covered, you will get back the stolen belongings; if someone digs — death lurks a close person; if you forgo it — you will achieve your goal; if you fall in it — Beware of deceitful people.

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